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Floating around with some friends on this fine day. #abccrew #fasakids

Eastend Block Party tomorrow hosted by @venuetradeshow featuring @soulection. Be there! 12pm-8pm in Downtown Santa Ana! #eastendblockparty #santaana #soulection #venuetradeshow

Hott at the office today, going to have to work extra hard. #summer #collectivelifestyle

No Cameras Allowed. #LA #Wiltern #NoCamerasAllowed (at The Wiltern)

Beautiful sunset at Pismo Beach. #summernights (at Pismo State Beach Campground)

Chillin. (at Pismo Beach State Park)

Praying for some SoCal rain. Just wondering what you think about this drought though? Sources say we only have enough water left to get through the next 12 to 18 months for 22 million people in SoCal. The drought also has the ability to cost us $1.7 billion and lose 14,500 full time and part time jobs. SoCal has also had some of the driest years and least amount of rain in the past few years, which is seen through our lack of a snowboarding season. Yet at the same time we’re surrounded by an earth that is 75% water, but they say we shouldn’t rely on sewage recycling, desalination, or some miracle technology? And it’s raising in n out and chipotle prices! I’m just wondering what people think about the bigger picture? If we can all talk about the World Cup every 4 years when most of the US population doesn’t even really watch soccer and Lebron’s stupid free agency every 3 years, when do we talk about the real problems? But really id love to hear some real answers and not some jokes. #justsaying #drought #socaldrought #homelessness #war #incomeinequality #moneyinpolitics #etc #foodforthought #wakeup

Last night’s view of the city of angels. Check out the moon tonight, it’s considered a super moon tonight because it’s closer to the earth than most days at this point in it’s elliptical orbit. It’s also good for your energy, good vibes, and summer nights. Share it with some friends or family tonight. #supermoon #cityofangels #adventures #goodpeople #goodvibes #goodenergy

City Lights (at The Standard, Downtown LA)

I used to have to sneak into @agendashow and apply a million times only to get rejected and sneak in again. I used to go to agenda as a kid interning for @acrylick & @djwrex fanning out to all the brands and this huge show. I wouldn’t know anyone and couldn’t talk to anyone back then because I felt like I wasn’t established enough and didn’t know anyone in the industry. Two and half years later I find myself going to agenda to know and see someone I know almost every minute and talking business. I even have people I don’t know coming up to because they recognize me and they say what’s up and talk to me about @venuetradeshow. It’s pretty crazy to think that I’m part of something that’s new and that is trying to create our own path in the industry for other people on their journey. And it’s just a humbling experience to know that growth and anything is possible. Just have to keep pushing, have faith, and follow your dreams. Thanks to everyone who has been along and supported me during my journey. I have bigger things coming for you so stay tuned. #acrylick #venuetradeshow #agenda #streetwear #faith #thankgod #followyourdreams (at Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)